How do I get the booking confirmation?
The confirmation of your booking will be sent to the e-mail address that you used in the reservation form. In the confirmation you will find:

1.The exact address of the apartment

2.The contact person’s details and detailed information about how to collect the keys

How do I collect the keys of the apartment?
When you receive the booking confirmation by e-mail, you will get detailed instructions about how to collect the keys, the exact address of the apartment and about your contact person, who will explain how to get there.
How do I get the invoice of the payment?
1)Invoice of the reservation fees: in the e-mail confirmation you will find a link to the invoice page, where you will be able to download the invoice of the payment.
2)Invoice of the rental balance: you are supposed to get in touch with the contact person, who will issue the corresponding invoice.

Is cleaning included in the total price?
The cleaning fees are included in the total price. If not, it would be indicated in the particular conditions of each apartment.
Does the total price include expenses or taxes?
The total price includes taxes. Additional expenses, if existing, would be indicated in the particular conditions of each apartment.

I want to know if the apartment includes sheets and towels.

Most of the apartments provide sheets and towels, however for details you need to check facilities of the apartment.

How can I get to the apartment by public transportation?

You will see indicated in the information page of each apartment the nearest public means of transportation. You can also check the map. If you whish to have more detailed information you must write an e-amail to the contact person that appears in the confirmation email.

Is it necessary to include children in the number of people?

Children over the age of two are counted as adults and have to be paid for.

At what time can I check-in and check-out of the apartment?

In the information page of each apartment, in the lower part, there is a section called “conditions”. There you will see the hour in which you are permitted to enter into the apartment on the day of arrival, as well as the hour you have to depart on the day of departure. Sometimes the proprietors of the apartments permit exceptions to these hours. However in order to find out if this possibility exists, you can ask the proprietor directly once you have made a reservation and you have all the contact details of the proprietor.

If I make a reservation online and I don’t like the apartment, what happens?
Our company is simply responsible for providing the information which appears on our website. For misleading or incorrect information on our behalf, we will cancel your reservation and return the reservation fee paid for the booking. However, any other type of reclamation will not be accepted by our company.

I would like to know if the apartment is located in a safe area

All the apartments offered in our website are located in safe areas but since in most cases they are in touristic places, it is advisable to beware of pick-pockets and always keep an eye on your bags and luggage.